Thursday, March 1, 2007

fuck snowstorms, fuck oakville transit. they are life ruiners.

so, other than those 2 things SHIT IS A-OKKKKKK.

lindsay is here and we had a lovely day yesterday. We went for a walk and enjoyted GLORIOUS weather. (too bad that as of today the weather man is a MOTHER FUCKER!) We took some snapshots of our delicous meal at licks, and I got my photos back from being developed.

Then we went to school, did drugs, did some know, the usual.

tonight we are gonna try and make the most of things by drinking in the basement with the roomies, and maybe challenging the weather to a duel.

Who knows. It's pretty stormy outside.

here is one of my photos that I got developed:

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guess whoooo said...

i dont like that this blog thing is so narrow down one side of the screen. WHY? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE? why do i have to scroll so much to read an entry??? blargy blargy.

but i love it.