Saturday, March 24, 2007

A constant in my thoughts...


maybe I won't move away? Maybe i will only move to toronto and live in marital bliss with my oldest and dearest friend, colly 3000.
Maybe I will fall in love and run away and get married and go on bike rides with my husband and make him tasty organic meals that he loves even if he doesn't love how they taste only because I made it?

hahahaha oh gosh. in the words of rhiannon campbell: "this is my life...."

anyways I hate how we are 2 months away from graduating and I am only really getting to know people from other studios at school now... everyone is great and this is always what happens. Deadlines approach and people start to party and thus, friends are made and abandoned. BOO. oh well, at least opening night at the gladstone will be SICKKKK.

also, i have started to talk like a super surfer.

here are some pictures from pub night:

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tree lover/hugger

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canadiana theme. I am a sexy lumberjack.

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(left to right: Nari's date?? Nari, Lindsay, Jeremy, Dan (front), Rachel, Meeee, Lee, Lucas, Joey, Manda)

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Dan getting frisky with Leslie.

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Fiona, Jeremy and Mir

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Jeremy, aka Stompin' Tom and Lucas, aka chick magnet

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the boys! (left to right: Clayton, Marco, Rob, Lucas, & Dan)

things are decently decent with the acception of me being lame with school and not being smart with my priorities.

You wouldn't think straight either if you had such an unexpected new life.
whatever, i am getting er' dun,

thanks ian for the most wonderful package in all the world!!


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