Monday, March 19, 2007

don't make love so hard

Hey y'all. aka, few and far between.

I have been very very busy. A lot of work, tons of Toronto, too little company.

Last Monday Scott came to visit. went grocery shopping, to the salvation army, and had a brief hang out. le sigh.
Later that day I went to Toronto for a fashion-week event at Cheval. That club sucks. Too pretentious and I couldn't sit down because we couldn't afford bottle service for a booth and the stools were covered in fur. Ugh.
BUT the good news was that Lucas was an excellent date for both Jo and I and I was so please to see Megan, Sarah, Miranda and Fiona. (god bless her and her "yellow sixities mod meets virginal innocence".) We also had a devine time eating sushi and drinking sake pre-party.

Here we are on our triple date:

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heres some pics from the after party, aka, jo and Lucas with me in my room:

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(i wish i was that excited ALL THE TIME.)

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craft money millionaires.


Oh yeah, so The boutique le trou fashion show was (regretfully) a bust.

The Art show on Wednesday was UNREAL. Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported my obscure art that was totally random at the show haha. Oh well, today I got my first questionnaire back that I handed out at the show, and it is DEFINITLY not from someone I know.
Things that also added to my night aka, made my night, were seeing JD and Mike Scarth, running into Stu and Jed (swooooooooooooon! HAHA.) and not ruining my second outfit. Wouldn't that have sucked??

All of that aside, I feel pretty lousy lately. I suck at dating and suck at not having pretzel legs. I do however, rule at over eating and not exercising. Maybe that is adding to the lousiness. Actually, I know it is.
I really like my new job though. People can sorta drive me nuts but I have actually met some awesome people and can see it working out quite well.

I am scared to graduate in like, a month. Possible plans are:

-Moving to Toronto
-Moving to Halifax
-Moving some random place like NYC or BC
-Not succeeding and doing one of the following instead:
a.) organic farmer
b.) flight attendant
c.) Parisian glamour girl.

oooooh. I like that last one. I will make that the immediate Plan B.

so remember when Lindsay and Ben were super bummed but took pictures of themselves pretending to be happy?


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dear lindsay: lets run away together. thanks. love me.

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oh yeah, and the best photobooth pic ever.


alexis said...

pretzel legs! haha.

im in favour of each of your options for post-graduation.

i really wanted you to come back to halifax, but the hubby and i are throwing around the idea of going to calgary, so in that case i can stop being greedy/expecting you to live in the same city as me. haha.
miss you!

ps. im applying to art school!!!

robinacraftmoney said...

when would you be going to Calgary!?

also, ART SCHOOL!?? AWESOME!!! good luck!!

alexis said...

calgary in sept. if i get accepted to ACAD.