Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm crazy for you...

every time I hear the song "crazy for you" by madonna I think of Ryan Greeley and how he wants that to be his wedding song.

today i started at organic garage. Not having responsiblity is sweet. Memorizing tons of PLU codes, not sweet.

english cucumbers-130
green grapes-45
red grapes-47
small lemons-37.

not bad considering I was just a bag girl today. The drill sargeant supervisor (aka a girl my size and a year younger) scared me into learning. she is sketchy but the job isn't.

guess what happens tomorrow??? LINDSAY STEWART!!!!
to do:

-take tons of public transit.
-eat food.
-go to sheridan and make crafts/do homework
-eat more food/drink booze
-love one anothers company.

done and done!

I have this vision in my head of summer. It involves me, a summer evening, a patio, long island iced tea (never had it, don't tell me its gross because you'll be ruining my vision) flower boxes, a good book, and some fresh sugar peas. It's a gooder.

I am very excited to feel independent again.


rhianimator said...


do i get to hang out with lindsay? when is she here till???

there was something else i had to say but i have forgotten it now.

robinacraftmoney said...

why is it weird?? by weird you mean GREAT, right??
She just got here today and is here until Wednesday...Do you want to come out with us tomorrow night?? I am not sure where we are going yet but It'll be myself, lindsay, jo and i dunno who else. Maybe the bitches from work?? who know! xo

rhiannonalskdafwe said...

ugh! this thing is annoying because i have to check back here for your replies. how laaaaame!!!

but yea, weather today was shiiiit so i didnt leave my house after i got home from the ROM way late. i assume you fags didnt go out either cause it was shiiiiit.

but i would like to hang out wiht you ladies, if you're available at a later date.

Mir said...

Don't worry....long island iced teas are delicious!