Sunday, June 1, 2008

sweet like honey


I worked until 3:30, at which time I called it off a lil' early, and gardened with adam, becky and amir. we started a fantastic vegetable garden, and tomorrow we will finish planting.

then we biked to the commons for some awesome games of tips (frisbee) with friends, and biked home and made (mostly becky) the most delicious dinner of falafels.
Afterwards, we all biked over to Jessi/Justin/Kipper/Devon's house for a fun night of drinking in a shed, gossip, and drunken property analysis.
This was followed by a fun bike ride home accompanied by Jessi and Justin. He and I smashed the ice with the biggest pick known to friendship-kind.


I woke up at 11. I felt GREAT. I was well rested, not hungover, and pony let me sleep in. I did dishes, some general tidying, and then NOTHING. It was kinda grey out, so I didn't feel guilty sitting on the sofa watching HGTV and playing sudoku, and even ignoring my messy living room. I just RELAXED. It was great.

Later I picked up Amir from work and then went to his house to pick up our bikes and have a quick round 2 of meeting the mom. I offically exist. it means a lot to me. i love my bf.

Later that night amir and I both agreed that as wonderful and fun things have been lately, we needed a down night. we needed to veg. We got a WONDERFUL pizze from salvatores (gourmet hydrostone pizza joint) which had sun-dried tomatos, black olives, homemade tomato sauce, parmesan, mozza, and some other fancy cheese with a thin sesame seed crust. YUM YUM. not too greasy, and it tasted smokey and delicious. 3 perfectly mini slices made me feel full and not yucky at all. we drank ginger ale (exchanged the jenner berger "you know me so well" face) and watched into the wild. (WATCH THIS MOVIE, YOU WILL BE INSPIRED.) we cuddled and fell asleep at 11:30. it was perfect.


Amir and I woke up kinda early, like 9:30ish. We lazed in bed for an hour and i got kissed on the nose. He made me french toast and I cleaned up. We watched some sopranos, and decided to go for a bike ride. We wanted to pop by and surprise alexis and zane but they didn't answer the door. We went to a random free bike show and saw lovely cute bikes from now and then. mostly then. afterwards we saw zane on the street and he picked me up and swung me around. I surprised alexis, and it was so amazing to see them. they love their house and i don't have to worry. In fact, i even get a haircut out of it. yay!

later on amir and i accompanied alexis and zane to buy a mattress in burnside. alexis and i laid on beds and tested the cush factor (which reminds me of when sarah's mom referred to her job as a "cootchie job"). the mattress nearly fell off the roof of my car. terrible packing job by the boys at bedroom depot.

After dropping off the mr. and mrs. amir and I went for soup (curried carrot and parsnip) coffee (medium roast) and a brownie (homemade and perfect- no icing) at local joes. (i made faces at a cute asian 2 year old when her parents weren't looking. she loved it.) we visited jan bird and were going to go for a bike ride but decided that although the weather cleared up, we were too lazy. we played with pony in the yard and took pictures. I picked flowers (forget me nots and buttercups) and put them in a vase in my bathroom.

Later, the ladies came over for a clothing swap. There were dips galore- salsa, black bean and guacamole! yum yum. I love girls night, even if zane is one of the girls. i got some finds and i loved being a girlie-girl in my doll house.

The day ended by driving becky and jeannie home and running into amir who was waiting for a bus after leaving adam's (boy's action movie night). I drove him home and got a goodnight kiss. what a nice surprise and a wonderful end to the perfect weekend.

i am so in love.
this summer is going to be great.


Lindsay said...

I am finding it hard to figure out this site.
I have a blog now. Can you see it?

Lindsay said...

Also, Into The Wild is Todd's favourite movie.
I don't like it because it plants ideas in his head that I don't agree with.

robinacraftmoney said...

the whole time i watched it i thought: "this is a movie about todd or the manly man within him."