Monday, June 9, 2008


we had a picnic at the dingle tower tonight!
(please note- our delightful sunshine allowed this photo to be taken at 7pm!)

from left to right the contributions included:

ryan- cream soda
andrew- sandwiches (fake turkey with cheddar and dijon on rye, toasted)
alex & kara (team effort)- couscous salad with zucchini, red and green pepper, green onions, feta cheese and a delicious lemon/cumin vinaigrette
amir- layered mexican dip and chips
me (not pictured)- strawberries and fruit dip

a well rounded nutritious mix!
Fortunately for me I did not over eat so when Amir and I later received a call from Alexis and Zane inviting us over for wine and snacks in the yard we were glad to oblige! (yum yum bread with dipping oil, spinach salad, olives, and brie NOM NOM NOM) We learned a lot about coffee and now I just want the best coffee Zane can make me. I want the "good coffee" experience.

Show me whatcha' got Kelsall!

holy fucking shit. it's not even officially summer yet.


speaking of looking good, did I mention I got a haircut??

It may look the same to some of you, but the before and after can be described as "refined beachy disheveledment". All I did was find Alexis and Zane a home and it got me these lovely locks. I bet Alexis and Zane think "fuck, she finds us an apartment and all we had to do was give her a haircut?? ". Oh no friends, you did more than that! Aside from the tasty treats you have recently bestowed upon me, you have given me something better: friendship in real life!***

**aka, dirty dancing with Zane at retro night.


brokes said...

Yesterday ruled!
I have a blog now Robyn, you should add me to your friend thingy and I'll do the same as soon as I figure out how!
-Alex :)

Lindsay said...

Is "disheveledment" a really word?
It is now

HAIR LOOKS AWESOME. But since Alexis did it, who's really surprised it looks so great. Not me.

The weather looks redickerous there, send some to me pleeeeeeazzzzzeee