Sunday, June 15, 2008

Everything's gonna get lighter even if it never gets better

The new mates of state is SOOOO good.
as if they could do wrong.


"I know it's impossible but you should try to shake it off"

What a week.

this girl just moved here:

and it makes me happy. I think she will get along just swimmingly. I hope her house isn't sketchy. living with strangers can be a shady, shady experience. HOWEVER, from
MY personal experience it was one of the best living situations I could've possibly stumble upon.

As far as events go, there were too many to keep up with.

Lets see: Friday Sarah arrived (yay yay yay!) and it was just fucking retarded. How can I really explain my night any other way??

Actually, sarah, looking back you had probably the 2 most eventful days in Halifax you could've possibly bargained for.

Back to friday, wine and cheese and olives (i ate em! 2 bites! zane and alexis's quest for a city of broadened tastes has begun) house show. how did we all drink 5 bottles of wine?? gus's pub (i won 5 bucks on slots!) willow house.
How were the oldest people at the party the rowdiest ones there? I remember us all rolling around on andrews bed. I remember zane tugging alexis's skirt down since her bum was hanging out lindsay style. (we tried to call you- you didn't answer ?:( )
I remember getting in trouble for sarah, alexis and I trying to climb out onto the roof to throw bottles off the house.

I remember nothing else. except bad decisions which lead me to not sleeping until 6am. (i wish sarah could draw on my back every night) drunk cam calmed me down

"baby, i will talk to you for 5 hours if i have to. you're just tripping out. i have a beard. i love my gf. i want babies"

"cam (sob) i love ammer so much (sob)

"baby, ammer is the best! that dude is so good. i want babies and a wife. you're a good girl and so good to everyone, you need to take care of yourself...blahblahblah)

"i know. i am not upset about that (sob) i just wanna sleep (sob)"

"did you know theres a new robyn cd??? its so good!"

at which point he changed the song and sang me the most tone-def redition of "stand back" by stevie nicks.

anyways that morning alexis, sarah and i went to the market, and to yard sales where i bought these gems for one dollar!

giddy up!

i went home and slept until 6:30. i wasted a gorgeous saturday but i was just too dead. Pony was being really cute when amir got here though:

he is getting bigger and lazier and it's good.

we went to the kelsalls for board games and eventually home for an earlyish sleep. it was nice to sleep with the window open.

this morning we (sarah, amir and i)had a spoon train before meeting becky, adam, laura and kelly for brekkie at the ardmore. it was too short.

I spoke to dave today for awhile about life and I hope things get better. I can't wait for amir and I to have a not-so-awkward meeting with him during our ontario visit.

anyways sarah and i went dress shopping for a bit today and i also bought the new mates of state cd

"can't you see the seams cut in the shoreline?"

sarah is gone. my house and heart are a little empty now. i think i will go visit papa. happy father's day! don't forget to call your dad.



Lindsay said...

OK so that robyn album, actually came out like a year or two ago, but was only released in North America just a couple months ago. She's still MASSIVE in Sweden!

Reading these posts and looking on Facebook tears up my insides

Sarah said...

she's right, robyn never left the scene in sweden! thanks for the blog love, and the great hospitality! you're a gem!

b said...

this whole post makes me miss you and we're in the same city