Wednesday, September 24, 2008

we write the good songs baby

I am in Cape Breton Island.
here are some things i have learned:

-They call it "god's country" because of the stunning landscape, not because of the excitement. (there isn't any)

-People here really love t-shirts with slogans on them. Some of my favorites which I saw at value village today were "PICK FLOWERS, NOT FIGHTS" (i actually would've worn this had it not been too small) "I love muscles" (with a picture of a muscle car on it), "Blondes have more fun but brunettes can read", and "I'VE CASHED MY REALITY CHECK".

-every house here looks like the nicest house on the nicest old streets in Halifax.

I am staying at an adorable bed and breakfast for 50 bucks a night. it is so cute and old. they even have some robert allen fabrics on pillows in the living room! hehe

I took these pictures in my room. I am as bored as I look but only half as lonely as i seem.

I promise I am not staying in a shed. It is actually the quaintest room for photo-ops ever.


AngelaAlways said...

stoked on that photo you've got for the blog, look at those legs!
and THESE photos in that room you're staying in are precious. i bet you are sound asleep in that bed right now having sweet dreams!

love you xx

Sarah said...


Eleanor Magpie said...

Cute glasses, pretty lady.