Thursday, September 25, 2008

dear angela...

i bought the most glorious valley beets today. The color and patterning of them is just amazing.
man, nature rules.
I thought you would appreciate this.

oh, and i made baked beet chips in case you were wondering. om nom fucking nom.

(should've gone for then 10lb bag hahaha)



AngelaAlways said...

oh wow!
i certainly DO appreciate that!
those look absolutely beautiful!
when are your beets due up? soon i should imagine? i cannot wait to see them!

i am going to the farmers market tomorrow i do believe where alllll the produce is from a farm less than a mile away. yes, country, yes.

i will photograph for you my findings if i end up going!


alexis said...

ooh what a beautiful beet! this picture reminds me of an aveda ad, because we use beets to color our lipsticks.

wow. i need to stop thinking about work.

Eleanor Magpie said...

That is so beautiful.....nature really IS the best.

brokes said...

how d'ya make beet chips bud? sounds nom nom