Thursday, September 18, 2008

An open letter to BOYS

It has come to my attention that many of my lovely male companions/secret sisters have been troubled in the lady department lately.

As much as I love my friends, I just don't have the right beauties to hook you all up with, otherwise I would be carrying around a bow and be shooting love arrows everywhere.

I have been thinking a lot about this, and I think one way I can help is by giving a female insight as to what us girls (*a generalization, but honest) like/think/expect/appreciate from a good man.

Ladies, feel free to comment and add to the list.

1. Clean your ears.

2.brush your teeth. Floss your teeth.

3.wash your feet. If your shoes stink, wear socks. or throw out the shoes.

4. Chew gum if you smoke, and wash your hands after you have a cigarette. Preferably, don't smoke, because then we worry about your health.

5. Laziness is a turn off.

6. Save your money, but don't be frugal either. You don't have to be a sugar daddy, but you do have to be responsible.

7. Wash your sheets. It's disgusting. We're not making out in that.

8. sincerity is a huge turn on.

9. It is sexy when you take care of yourself and your health. (eat well, exercise. If you exercise you can still eat pizza every day, but it's cute when you have a salad instead occasionally)

10. Farting is fine, it's just not funny.

11. It's very attractive when you take pride in your appearance and your space, but don't let it consume you- we like to feel like the pretty one.

12. I don't care how cliche it is, romance is amazing and we love that shit. Even if you picked the flowers from the neighbors yard. (BUT NOT ON AN ANNIVERSARY)

13. Pick up the tab, but not every time. That's not fair.

14. We like to feel protected, even if you're scrawny.

15. It means a lot to us if your family likes us or not.

16. If we cook, do the dishes. (and don't make us ask.)

17. We like to take care of you when you're sick, and we like it when you do the same.

18. It's really cute when you ask to carry our bags, but we don't expect it.

19. Every girl is a sucker for a handy man.

20. I know it's not fair, but we expect to always be the little spoon. sorry.

Hope this helps. I have a hunch there will be more of these posts coming soon.


Anonymous said...

10. Farting is fine, it's just not funny

This one is my Fav


AngelaAlways said...

this is probably my favourite post ever.
if i could find a boy who did all those things that would be amazing.

luffluff xx

Meghan Kraatz said...

This one is important to me:
Make it known that you like us - the hard to get thing is dumb, and makes us think you DON'T like us.

Lauren said...

just liking me is fine. (sigh) boys are a toughie. can you tell i am emotional about a boy at the moment? geez.

Sarah said...

i think another good one is when a boy puts on your favourite 'cheer up' music even when you don't ask.
flossing is something i feel like nobody takes seriously enough either! get out that floss boys!

rhiannnoonnnnn said...

personally, i love number 20.

girlaxia said...

sometimes i'm asked to be the big spoon..and it just doesn't work!
i'm such a little spoon!

lady k said...

addition to the little spoon: we're not turning our back on you when we do this, it feels safe and protected to have some close on the side we can't see..

love it