Friday, April 6, 2007

Okay, so this is when I start to freak out...


I am actually finished school, AND GRADUATING, in a few weeks.
5 years, a lot of debt, amazing friends, and a education in "craft" later, I am embarking onto "real life".

This is scary.

REALLY scary.

In the words of moneen, aka best band ever, "Where do we go from here?"


You wanna know what started this freak-out today?
That website is ruining my life. First everyone having babies and husbands, and now having 108 confirmed guests to our grad exhibit only 3 days after posting the event.

Peers aside, these are all the people confirmed as attending that I know are going associated with seeing work that either Jo or myself made:

Rhiannon, Marissa, Colleen, Krissy Richards, Mike Mo, Ian, Adam Lap, Becky, Winston, Brianna, Spencer, Adam MacInnis.
Maybes from: Danyel, Elyse, Ian P., Charde, Nickie O, Cait, Asher, Ashley, Frank, Katie One-eye etc...

Although I was surprised to see some people who had declined for not-so-obvious reasons.

Anyways, I am sure there will be a lot more people there including my PARENTS (!!!) and possible other family!?!?

oh. my. god.

Anyways I bet I will barf that night. From a healthy combo of nerves and wine.

At least I'lll always have kareoke with Nari........

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alexis said...

YAAAAY! congrats robina, i wish i could see your work. take lots of pictures.