Monday, September 7, 2009


"middle earth"

more "middle earth". even adam didn't know it existed and it was his own yard.

we won so much money playing VLT's at adam's show. He won $90, I won $25, and his friends won $50. I understand how people get addicted to these things because it was the funnest shit ever.

onions drying in the barn

heirloom tomato

country road

the farmhouse.

This weekend was good for the soul. welcome to "back to school" season.


Eleanor Magpie said...

That onion photo is just gorgeous. They look like they're all sleeping. And that country road shot is very pretty too....nice focus.

AngelaAlways said...

back to school season is strange. especially now i think because this is actually this first year in almost 20 years that i'm NOT going back to school. however, a lot of the children i teach are, and that's exciting for them. they're off to "big school" how scary for them. robyn i miss you x