Saturday, August 8, 2009


I don't think I have had the internet at my apartment in like a month. I keep hoping my stolen wireless would magically reappear (I prayed they were on summer vacation but alas, they've moved) so I caved and will have internet again by mid-week.

For any followers I may be lucky enough to still have, Stay tuned- I have an exciting contest coming up in the next few days featuring a FABULOUS prize!! So check back in!

I will post pictures of Sharpes vacation with me and tell stories about our magical adventures. good god, I love her.

This weekend I am Truro for a blues festival with my co-workers. ("Three days of bikes, blues and barbeques!" as the slogan says). So expect some exciting updates about that too.

anyways, I miss my blog so just like a song from a John Hughs (R.I.P.) movie: "Don't you forget about me."



zyanna said...

yer cute

Eleanor Magpie said...

I could never forget about you, Robyn.