Sunday, February 22, 2009


1. Random Papers (accounting, graph, tracing etc.)
2. Stationary/ink
3. Spray adhesive
4. Scissors/adhesives
5. embossing powder/stamp pads
6. Random mail surprises
7. Rubber stamps
8. More rubber stamps
9. inks, crayons, pencil crayons, markers, bingo dobbers, pigments and other random mark-making materials
10. Lazy susan of different novelty scissors
11. "craft clean-ups" and heat gun
12. laminator
13. Paint/brush roll
14. reference books/cut and paste
15. decorative tape/ribbon tape
16. random cut-outs and scraps (GOOD STUFF)
17. Scrap paper packs
18. Reference books
 19. Random good treasures for cut and paste collected over time (post cards, paper cut-outs, random packaging, papers etc.)
20. Letraset
21. Random magazine scraps
22. random photo-copies
23. card stock
24. tissue papers
25. Reference books
26. inspiration boards 
27. Lindsay's "in progress" pile
28. Envelope drawer
29. Buttons/sequins/beads/jewelry making stuff
30. Labels
31. random books/photos/paper goods 


magazine shelf
file box of card stock
in/out boxes
sewing machine
fabric (colour co-ordinated. 3 shelves and one large tupperware box worth!)
silk screens/printing supplies
sewing supplies 
copier/scanner/printer/office station

come over and make crafts everybody!!!!!


Lauren said...

i wanna, i wanna. i love this!!!! i can't wait to be in this space!!!

Alexis said...

yes please!!

Eleanor Magpie said...

It's beautiful. I'm wiping away a tiny tear of joy and wonder as we speak. (As I type.)

girlaxia said...

omg. i'm in!