Saturday, May 30, 2009

Matthew Williamson for H and M

Jo Gale came to visit me and brought me some goodies from the Matthew Williamson for H and M Line! Apparently this is one of the more successful "designer collections" for H and M . (note: blogger wouldn't let me use "and" symbols when trying to spell H n' M. weird. I know.)

Can't wait to work this swimsuit this summer. However, it will take some extra confidence to work the Brazilian-style bottoms that show a lot more cheek than I am used to. haha

Y'all know you're jealous of this bling. I am jealous of myself!

And now for some pieces I plan on scouring ebay for:

This is going for 90 on ebay. I will have to ask Jo what they sold for retail.

Fuck. This suit is FIERCE. 300-350 on ebay. this one is a pipe dream.

p.s. its raining today on my day off, and i am more broke than I have been in years. (a terrible thing on a 3-day weekend...) Expect a lot of updates. :)

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